IN LOVING MEMORY, James Trumbull McClellan June 27, 1910 - August 1, 2005


Note from Robin McClellan, James' grandson:

I created this website both as a tribute to my grandfather and as a promotional tool for his work. Jim was a very important friend and role model for me, both personally and artistically. In the music I write, I strive for the simple but masterful strength and elegance of his art. He will be terribly missed, but I will always remember the lessons about life and art he taught me, and which he taught to everyone around him who loved and admired him.

I hope that this site will help his work to reach a wider audience. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email me.


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In February 2005 I was commissioned to write a choral work for Yale Schola Cantorum on the Nunc Dimittis text from the New Testament about Simeon (Luke 2:29-32). Though Jim was a committed atheist, I dedicated this work to him, and it was performed in the UK in May 2005.
To hear a recording and read about this piece, click here

Thanks very much,
Robinson McClellan


McClellan family, Thanksgiving 1948
(James is in back row, far right, white shirt)

Jim's geese

With siblings: (from left) Hugh, Oliver, John, Elizabeth, Francis, James