If you attended the El Salto in January 2006, or if you have any reactions after reading or listening to the program posted on this site, we would be grateful for your feedback.

You may post your reactions anonymously by simply leaving the "name" field blank (and of course all fields are optional).


Did the readings and music hang together as a group? 
1A. Did anything seem out of place?
1B. Did anything fit especially well?

2. Did you find that the readings and music related well to the stated themes of "decisions, conscience, moments of truth, our innate moral sense, and living with moral complexity“?

3. Did the program bring up any interesting problems or questions for you? 
    If so, what were some of them?

4A. Did the program seem to lean, overall, toward or away from any religious viewpoint?  If so, what elements contributed to that?

4B. If so, did you find that troubling?

5A. Was the congregational singing...
Enjoyable? Other?
Please explain:

5B. Do you have any suggestions for improving the congregational singing for next time?

5C. Did you enjoy the fact that the singing was repeated at the end, or was once enough?

6A. How did you hear about the event (email, flyer, Tea Leaves, etc)?

6B. If you saw a flyer, do you remember where it was located?

6C. Do you have any suggestions about how we could improve our publicity next time?

6D. Did publicity accurately reflect what the experience turned out to be? Did you find any element of the publicity offputting?

7. Do you have any general comments or feedback about the event?


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